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Details about Nikkha and laws related to Nikkha



Please can you shine light on what are the specific requirements needed within the Nikah  e.g. what exact Arabic is recited, dates to consider, duas? and surahs that are recited. Please can you also shed light on what the differences are between Sunni and Shia Nikka is any?

The shiria Law on Nikka.


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your queries regarding marriage.

I will answer your questions below by giving a direct link to Islamic rulings regarding marriage which will be according to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany and recommend some books to read or go through, to get your answers in detail.


  1. General rules and marriage contract:

The Marriage contract:

Marriage general rules:

Question and Answers regarding marriage:


2. Method of saying the marriage contract formula (Sīghah):

The words have to be pronounced properly in order to make the Nikah valid that is why people get it recited by scholars to prevent any sort of mistakes which would invalidate Nikah.


3. Wedding night A’amal, Days and time

From Marriage to parenthood the heavenly path:

Islamic marriage handbook:


4. Main differences in Shia & Sunni Nikah

  1. In Sunnis, it is mandatory to have two adult male witnesses at the time of Nikah whereas there is no need of witnesses at the time of divorce(Talaq) but we Shias do not have such condition to have two witnesses present at the time of Nikah ceremony but we need to have the witnesses at the time of divorce(Talaq).
    This shows that Islam doesn’t encourage divorce but where divorce is necessary then witnesses are required according to Shias. It also indicates that Nikah is easier in Shias and divorce is harder.
  2. Shias believe in the temporary marriage(Muta) which is counted as Nikah whereas the Sunnis do not believe in Muta which had been there since the time of Prophet Muhammad (saww)



Syed Haider