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Destiny about Marriage


My question is if is it written in our destiny to whom we will marry then what about whose who marry non muslim ? Why would allah wrote our marriage with kafir ?


Your Assistance Requested : Destiny about Marriage.
Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Allah (az) has knowledge of everything that’s going to Happen. He knows your destiny. But His knowledge does not mean He wants or approves that for you. He blesses you when you make the right choice and you suffer the consequences when you make a wrong one.

You see we were brought to this world and were given the power of freedom and choice. Humans, unlike any other species, is blessed with the power of choice.
It is us, ourselves, who choose right from wrong Or vice versa. In either way Allah does not interfere with that choice.
You just see the consequences of your choice on the basis of cause and effect.
Hence, if you chose a kafir to marry, you will see the effects of it in this world and the next. Allah has prior knowledge of your choice. But his knowledge does not mean He approves of the choice or made that choice for you. And vice versa

Hope this was helpful
Naajiya Jaffery