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Designing Betting Advertisements


Assalam o alaikum! I am a software engineer by profession. I can develop websites, design graphics or code applications. I have been working with a client from Australia. In Australia there are many firms like Sportsbet, Bet365 etc. which allow betting on sports mainly horse racing, cricket, rugby etc. These firms have their online websites set-up and people can bet through them. I understand that developing a website for such a firm would not be halaal as betting is haraam definitely. But the websites i work on are owned by my client. They are mainly sports websites exhibiting advertisements of betting. It means that my client earns money when a person clicks on these advertisements and goes to the original betting site. My role as a contractor in this is to develop or edit my client’s websites that bear advertisements to the betting sites. Also to design some advertisements. The one i am most worried about and i think that it is wrong is that i design graphics that are advertising betting offers. I want to know if it’s strictly haraam with explanation. For more clear purposes, i am attaching one of the websites that i work on:


As long as you are not directly involved in betting and not encouraging people to bet, it is ok.

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