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Depression due to abusive mother


Assalam-u-alaikum, i am an 18 years old girl. My mother is verbally and emotionally very abusive towards me. She lets me down, curses and swears at me. Her pain filled words pierce through my heart. Whenever she is uttering these hurtful words, i want to scream out loud or leave the house; both of which i can not do. The only thing i can do is cry, which she labels as creating fuss for no reason. Her this behaviour is driving me to depression, my mental health is deteriorating. I try to do sabr and try to remain quiet as long as possible because talking back makes the situation worse. When i tell her that her abusive words are mentally and emotionally damaging, she threatens to leave the house saying that this will end my pain. She is my mother and i love her beyond imagination but she doesnot believe me and this is very painful for me. I can not imagine my life without her, i just want to make her happy. She is a patient of hypertension due to which she gets angry very easily. I am very scared also,because heaven lies under the feet of mothers and my mother is not happy with me and curses me, so i feel like i am doomed for this life as well as hereafter.My question is that how can i cope from this situation, how can i save my mental health provided that i have no access to any therapist/counsellor? Also, no matter what i do my mother is not happy with me, is Allah also unhappy with me and deprive me of heaven?


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Kindly refer to the following link for your answer

Abusive Non Muslim Mother

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