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depressed and decrease in confidence


Salam un Alaikum. I have encountered various problems in life since the age of 11, when my father retired from his job and since then, the entire family looks upon us as disgrace. But somehow, I had calmed myself and had decided to be my own support. I was much proud of the fact that I am psychologically strong and no adversity makes me feel fear or excitement. But since my mother has been ill for 9 months, I have started to feel my confidence graph fall rapidly. Everything makes me anxious. I am always in fear of a deadly disease. Please provide me with a dua that may help me prolong my life, defend me from any deadly disease and increase my confidence.


Wa alaykum salaam

I am sorry to hear about your mother’s illness, hope she gets well soon.
Usually anxiety, stress, fear comes when a person finds himself alone and helpless and feels he has no one to rely on.
A person who is aware of His Lord and is certain that he has His (Allah) support can endure all sorts of difficulties and hardship without losing hope.
Where Allah is all powerful, He is also the most Merciful and Compassionate.
He never puts more burden than a person can endure.
In order to strengthen our belief in Allah, there is a need to :
-read  books related to this topic.
– listen to the lectures of different good and pious scholars
– ponder and learn from things happening around us
-pray and do duaa
Doing good deeds and giving sadaqa prolonged ones life n keeps him away from calamities and balaa.
Reading dua number 7 of saheefa Sajjadiya is also very helpful during hard times.
Sukaina Taqawi.