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Khums on Pension


Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim Salamoon Aleykoom, The company I work for offers a private pension scheme which is now by law compulsory in England for all employers to offer their employees. The participation is not manadatory but my company encourages and expects employees in my position to join. A percentage of my salary is deducted from my salary. The scheme is very attractive as the company matches my contribution to the fund. However I do not have access to the fund until I retire. I can elect to leave the scheme early but it means a huge financial penalty. Do I have to pay khums on my contribution now or can I wait until I retire? I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know. I add that I do the taqleed of Syed Sistani, may Allah SWT protect him. With Salams and duas, Siraj Asaria


You can pay the Khums when you get retired. (Office of Ayatullah Sistani)

Kumail Rajani