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Pain before death


Salam Brothers and Sisters
Recentley my grandmother passed away. She had several strokes which lead to a vegetativ state for over 4 years.

4 weeks ago, she was hospitalized due to lung infection which couldn’t be cured.

1 week before her death i witnessed something, of which i do not wish my enemies to witness. The screaming and painful weeks before death. We knew she would die as her eyes turned black and was hollow.
My question is the following: Is there a hadith of our prophet or the alhulbayt, which speaks of the moments of pain before death? Does the person feel pain, or does the eye deceive. I find it hard not to believe that person doesn’t feel pain, hence the screaming.


Waalykum salam

Sorry to hear about your loss. May Allah bless the soul of the Marhuma

Kindly refer to the links: death according to Islam and the first part of the following answer as it was derived from Ahadith.

Kind regards,