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Sister’s right in Father’s Property before Distribution


Asslamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Brother I have a question for you. Hope at first I will make you understand Insallah. Suppose a Muslim father died leaving his wife, three married sons and one married daughter before making disributing his property. Let me mention that the father’s property is very simple, a three storied residential building where three sons live separately with their repective families. The old mother stays with his eldest son. The sister lives with her husbend in another place. My question is, since the father died, before distribution of property how the advantage of the property will be distributed? In present situation, brothers are having more advantage since they are living in father’s house, but the sister is getting nothing since she is staying away. Moreover please also consider that, due to high price of house, the brothers at present (say for another five years) are not in position to give the sister’s right as per Islam. In such a case how they can compensate their sister? Also what is about the mother’s right in father’s property (before distribution)? Hope, I have presented the question clearly. Jazakallah. Wassalam.


The property belongs to all of you and a collective decision has to be made. Your brothers can’t deny or delay in giving you your rights. As per Ayatullah Sistani’s rulings, the wife does not inherit from the land or its price. However, she inherits from the value of the building.

I suggest you refer to the following link for precise calculations: Shiawills

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