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Daughters affair with someone

  • my daughter has an affair with a boy we parents are not interested in getting her married with that boy

Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

I am unsure as to what your question is, but I’m assuming that a general query can be what should you do about it!?

If you have a solid and genuine reason to refuse the suitor (according to Islamic teachings and values) then I will suggest the following:

1- speak to your daughter and explain why! Communication with proper reasoning can be very helpful at this stage. On the other hand, you may want to know why she is interested in the person in the first place..

2- If no.1 isn’t working for any reason, you may want to seek some help from either a local scholar or a close family member your daughter is comfortable with.

3- in the mean time, please make loads of duas, speak plenty to Allah and give charity.

4-you may think of a counseling session for her where she will get adequate knowledge on spouse selection and life after marriage. This may help her understand some aspects she may be missing or not seeing at the moment.

you may also want her to go through the following book:

Criteria for Spouse Selection

best wishes, InshaAllah all Goes well