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Dua Alqamah- Follow Up (Clarification)


Thank you Sheikh for the reply. However I do not know what should I do because I am still feeling very heavy when reading this section.

Mainly if this was for the enemies of our massumeens I would understand and agree but this is against those who wish bad for me personally…. And I personally can not ask or wish for anyone who want to bad to me personally. I believe Allah swt is the beat judge to decide what to do with such people.

Please let me know or help me understand if I should be continuing reciting this or not.



You need to think and analyze the reasons why you are feeling heavy while reading this section? If you can tolerate the ill behavior of your enemies and pray for their guidance, it is completely good and okay. But when one is disappointed from the enemies’s guidance, he will be left with no choice but to curse him. This is the whole concept of Tawalli and Tabarri in Shia Islam.

On a side note, in both the cases whether a person curses or doesn’t curse, Allah swt is the best judge. The person cursing the enemies is asking Allah swt to execute His justice. So we cannot assume that by reading this dua, we are interfering in the justice of Allah swt.

I would still advise reciting it and would recommend you to portray the enemies of your faith for such a curse. Those who want to misguide you, those who want to attack your family, those who want your Shia bothers and sisters to be killed etc etc…

Kumail Rajani