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Riba And Divorce


Salam w aleikom,

I am seeking urgent advice in regards to two situations;

1.- I am working in Spain and living with my mother. My salary is very low and the rents are very high. In order to rent a flat I am forced to share with other people, right now we rented a room to a respectful gentleman, but still is very complicated to share even with women nowadays, as I had bad experience with that. For a normal flat the price is approx 800 euro expenses and my salary is 1000 euro. The question is related to RIBA, as there is an option to buy the same kind of apartment with a fixed interest knowing the final cost of the apartment at the final payment and the monthly payment to the bank is 380 euro per month. So renting is 800 and a property 380. Is this possible or it is haraam?

2.- The second question is related to my husband. I married a gentleman who told me and my mum he was divorced with 2 kids from a woman and one son from the first. After I got pregnant I found out that he was not divorced from the second wife, even though they didn’t see each other for 4 years as they were only talking over the phone. That woman started threatening me, there is no way to communicate with her as she became atheist even if originally she is Moroccan. She threatens me with Sihr and even with killing me. So my husband and I always had problems, we love each other but there is something that attaches him to her. I had a miscarriage and later I got pregnant without planning it. In march 2016 my husband was gonna travel because he always tries to find a way to talk to her and others and to make money to help them. I told him I had a premonition that he was gonna go to prison. He didn’t listen to me, but after a week he was jailed for a transaction that went wrong. I was 3 months pregnant and even if he had a 3 years judgement I decided to stand by him. Only Allah knows what I have been through, alhamdulilah 3ala kuli hal. His other wife made my life like hell. The day my daughter was gonna be born she died due to no reason as doctors said. Inna li lah wa inna ilaihi raji3on. Now he still calls me from time to time saying he will come to me but as I know he still talk to her and she expects him to be with her as he is coming out from prison in 3 or 4 months inchaalah. I am suffering a lot, my mother is scared from the other wife because she promised she will find a way to kill me. I love him a lot, but also I’m scared from the other person as she has no rahma on her heart and I don’t know what is on his mind. So, brother or sister, please give me an advice. Jazakom lah khair, salam


Alaykum Salaam

1. To follow up your question we contacted Sayyid Sistani’s office and they said:
Credit transaction with the bank is perfectly fine, but the time span (in months or years to get the house fully under your own name) and amount payable should be fixed from before.
Also, It is possible to pay interest in the case of necessity and if that is the law of the land

2) If you fear from an attack of Sihr then take out sadaqa and recite often the verse of Suratu Yunus 10:81, starting from “Qala Musa”. This will protect you and your family from any harm from her Inshallah.

Kind regards,

Abbas Jaffer