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Corruption or tahrif of Torah


Selamu alikum

I am x sunni and have been shia 2 week my question is that i believe that the original torah who like quran was in the prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him )time after the death of the prophet then become the torah corrupted ibn taymiyyah ibn Kathir and altabari holds that view i want to know is there any shia sheikhs scholars who believes the original torah was prevsevd and after the prophets time it becomes corrupted


Wa Alaikum Al-Salam

First congratulations on converting to Shia

The corruption or tahrif of torah (which have done by scholars of Jews) is a fact mentioned by Quran itself (Baqarah:75,79; al Imran: 78; Nisa: 46; Maidah:13), so original tarah could not be in our prophets (SAW) time; especially considering other factors like the reasons and motive behind this corruption could be to deceive their coreligionists and use the scripture to gain wealth and power over others.

Also we must pay attention that tahrif has different types (in words and sentences, in meaning and interpretation or in meaning and words both)

I haven’t encounter any scholars that doesn’t accepts at least one of these types in torah.

Sheikh Mosseibi