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Coronavirus and Congregational prayers


As-salaamu ‘alaykum.

Owing to recent outbreak of coronavirus there is difference of opinion among different scholars about congregational prayers . some of the scholars are saying we have to pray from home until this pandemic ends while there are some scholars who are saying we should continue the congregational prayers in masjids.

I will be very thankful if i get the answer with the references from Quran and hadiths.



Wa alaykum salaam

The importance of congregational prayers is something very clear in the hadith. In one hadith from Imam al-Baqir (peace be upon him) it says that congregational prayer is better than a man’s prayer alone, better by twenty-five levels of paradise (al-Kafi, v3, p373). Ayatullah Sistani in his book Minhaaj al-Salihin says that the emphasis on congregation prayers is not there for most other acts of worship.

That said, one of the criteria of congregational prayers is that there must not be a large distance between those praying congregational prayers – be it the distance between individuals in the same row or between the rows themselves (that is between the place where one individual is standing and the place where the person behind him is performing sajdah). The maximum amount as has been specified by our maraaji’ is 1m.

Keeping this condition in mind, as well as the importance of the congregational prayers we must also now consider what the experts in the field of medicine are telling us, as well as the law of the land we live in. To make a final conclusion in this situation requires an expert who is aware of the exact situation in your country and cannot be done over this medium.

May Allah reward you for your question. Take care

M Kasimali.