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Continuous unusual Headache


I’m Assalam Alaikum sir
I have this cousin and she has this continuous problem with her head. she gets these abnormal headaches that cause her to sweat, out of breath and sometimes even faint. she has been having this problem for 5-6 years now and about this time last year, her father passed away from Cancer shockingly. When we asked other Alims they said it was to do with black magic as her mother also got cancer but she managed to beat it. The headaches went away for the past few months but have come back again and this time even in her sleep. she is really troubled. What should she do right now?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your question and I’m really sorry to hear about your cousin.

she certainly needs to seek some medical advice. This can be serious. Hence, she needs immediate medical attention.

As for black magic, I’m surprised as to Aalims would suggest that so easily. Please let not these thoughts bother you u. Instead give plenty of charity, recite Ayat al-kursi and 4 Qul for safety.

InshaAllah all goes well,