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4) What if you are praying and continually pas gas or have re done wudhoo several times already due to passing gas? Do you keep redoing wudhoo and repraying or do you wait?


if one is suffering from this problem to the extent that it is so frequent that you need to do wudhoo several times, it is okay to perform one wudhoo for your salat and keep praying even though the wudhoo keeps breaking.

For further reference:

319. A person who suffers from incontinence should, if possible, try to restrain himself at least for the duration of namaz, even if may be difficult. In fact, if his ailment can be treated easily, he should get the necessary treatment.

320. If a person who suffered incontinence, recovers from the ailment, it is not necessary for him to repeat those prayers which he offered according to his religious duty, during the period of his ailment. However, if he recovers during namaz, he should repeat that prayers, as an obligatory precaution.

321. If a person suffers from an incontinence, which renders him unable to control passing the wind, he will act according to the rules applicable to the incontinent persons described in the foregoing.

Laws of Wudhu

Kumail Rajani