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Pornography and Masturbation


If someone is addicted to pornography and masturbation how he could get rid of it? what are there consequences? if someone stop is his timing increase for sex and what about fertility?


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

My dear brother,

For your answer to *Masturbation*, refer: Is Masturbation allowed?

*Pornography* is not only looking at the opposite gender with desire and lust, but to view them in an action which is supposed to be privately conducted. The internet is now full of these videos and companies are designed to produce pornographic material which stimulate hormonal release in the brain to drive an addictive state.  The more that is viewed, the more addictive it becomes, and the harder it is to back away from even after marriage.

The consequences of pornography are many, to list a few – a huge amount of time is wasted as you continue to watch “just 5 more minutes”, ending up in hours of wasted time, your psychological health is affected, your behaviour with family and friends are affected, your spiritual wellbeing is affected, and even more important than any of these, your idea of what a relationship is about and how a wife and husband need to behave with each other is significantly altered.  What one expects from the spouse may start to reflect the pornographic material viewed, expecting acrobatic and gymnastic
feats, instead of a normal and healthy sexual relationship.

Notwithstanding the consequences in the hereafter as a result of directly disobeying.

Unfortunately, we are not sure of the question asked ” if someone stop is his timing increase for sex”.

As for *fertility*, we are unaware of the effect of masturbation or pornography on fertility.


Samer Hakim.