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Conjugal Rights in Marriage


i m married for the past 8 years… the beginning everything was fine but after 4 yrs….we had kids and i had to stay back in pakistan while my husband worked in middle east…..i dont know what was the reason but his behavior started changing……i tried everything but it didn’t have any effect on his behaviour no matter what i did…..2 yrs back i moved to middle east with him but things were (and still are) pretty tense between us…..i asked him several times whats the reason but he says nothing.i try my best to do everything as he wants and dont disobey him but still no effect….. another thing that bothers me is that he never touches me, and never initiates the intimate act……and last time when i tried to get close to him, he said frankly ‘i dont have any emotional attachment to u so i cant do it anymore’……..i want to ask aalim, what islam says about that….. isnt it my right being a female to get my physical desires fulfilled by my husband? if he denies it, would he be punished for that? or if i do something against sharia coz of his behavior (masturbate/take interest in some one else) should he be punished for that ? as i m the one who wants to do that which is halal but he is pushing me away…. or is it that all the rules n punishments in islam are only for women? waiting for reply


As per the above mentioned scenario ,the husband’s attitude is condemned as per Sharia Laws. He has no right to leave his wife in this situation. Without going into details, it is obligatory on husband to fulfill physical desires of his wife. Yes, he would be punished if he doesn’t fulfill his obligatory duties.

Such a behavior of a husband can’t justify the wrong means adapted by a wife to fulfill her sexual desire. She has to seek some lawful means. She needs to try all the means to make her husband understand her feelings and if nothing works, the last option is Mubaraat divorce.

However, the behaviour of such a husband is strongly condemned in Islam.

Kumail Rajani