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Confused marriage


I am married to my cousin. This marriage was mere for the sake of my father. It wasn’t a forced marriage but i wanted to do as my father wished. I have done everything i can to not think about it but i really am not happy at all. I do whatever i am told but my husband is really moody. Sometimes he doesn’t talks to me for days and when confronted he seems to have no reason.He never calls me, doesn’t return my texts and ignore me but is fine with everyone else. I have tried a lot to convince myself but i don’t love him. I am pregnant and going through an enotional hell. I really can’t imagine living my entire life with him no matter how much i try. I cry day and night and i don’t know what to do. Everybody says he’ll get better but i really just can’t stand this. I have given him many chances but he doesn’t seem to care at all.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
Sad to hear about your situation, more so because you are pregnant and your emotional health is definitely effecting your child.
So there are things in life that may have happened in the past and we can’t really sit and regret over it. Instead, we should focus on our present for a better future.
Your present for now is that you are married and pregnant.
You need to fix these two to be able to have a more balanced future.
Regarding your marriage both of you must seek some counseling. If he isn’t someone who would happily agree  to do that then I would suggest you speak to someone wise who he would listen to.
All you need to do is to sort your marriage from first hand problems. You need to let him know your concerns and who you’re expecting out of this knot. You need to make a communication bridge between the two of you. (One on one is best)
As soon as you are on the go to solve your marriage, you will be able to focus on your child and InshaAllah by Then Your husband will be able to help you hand in hand.
InshaAllah it All goes well, and you’re together able to be happy parents to a happy healthy baby.

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery