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Confused about marrying a girl, who is not pretty anymore…


I liked a girl. And got engaged to her. I was 20 at that time and she was 17. After 2 years she had breathing problen and she did a nose surgery. The surgery went wrong and she again had to go for surgery. After 2 surgerys, she is not the same before. I have lost my interest in her. She is not beautiful anymore. I’m confused if i should keep up with her. Or should i go for a breakup? I don’t want to hurt by saying she is not pretty anymore. I even talk to her nicely but I’m confused what should i do?


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question
It depends on your character and priorities in a marriage (for some beauty is  deal breaker while for other inside beauty is what has high priority) so you have to figure out the important of beauty for yourself, although in religious perspective  marrying a girl for her beauty or wealth is not a good decision as we can see in various narrations like what The Messenger of Islam (S) said, “Do not marry a woman for the following four reasons: Wealth, beauty, ancestry and lust. It is obligatory upon you to marry a woman on account of her religion.”
at the end it would be great to consult marriage counseling.
sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi