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How to cater conflict situation between wife & mother


What to do if your wife insists on living with you and you are doing job in some other city / place, however, your mother / parents don’t want your spouse to live with you instead they want her to live at home. Please guide what should be done in this situation and whether not listening to mother / parents in this case is a sin?
As not listening to wife / living against her will causes mutual misunderstanding, please provide islamic concept regarding this matter.
Please also give your reference, if possible.




Thank you for your question. This is a situation that needs to be dealt with wisdom in trying to find a solution that will be satisfactory to all parties rather than a situation of obedience to parents only. In such a situation if your parents impose their will they will find that their daughter in law will resent her situation and them for separating her from you. You need to help them understand this and not place a burden on your wife that she cannot bear as that will only lead to further problems.

May you always be successful