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what are the conditions for validity of oath


My parents asked me to never contact with my GF. i also want to marry her. we are in contact from last 8 years. My parents forced me too much but i was not agree at any cost. After long discussion on this topic my father takes the Quran and asked me to put hand on it. even then i was not agree and i say i never ever live without her. they forcefully asked me to put hand on Quran. I do that. after 4 days i contact with her. now i want to ask is it wrong. because they forcefully done from me.
Please brief if any kaffara to be paid.
waiting for your reply.


This answer can be found in the Risalah of Ayatollah Sistani and other Maraje in the relevant section. Please see:

2680. The conditions for validity of an oath are:
A person who takes an oath should be Baligh and sane, and should do so with free will and clear intention. Hence, an oath by a minor, an insane person, an intoxicated person, or by a person who has been coerced to take an oath, will not be in order.


Abbas Jaffer