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I am working on a ship which is anchored 10 miles off Malaysia, Do I have to offer full Namaz or qasar only ?. My stay on this ship will be 4 months and ship will not sail during this period. I am from Pakistan and is on 4 months contracts on this ship.


Salaamun Alaikum

According to Ayatullah Sistani, if you count the distance between your city and where you will be anchoring for 4 months, and if that is more than 13 miles (one way), then you count as a traveler. However, since you will be anchoring for 4 months, this would mean you have to pray full namaaz, as you will be staying in one place for more than 10 days (as long as you make the intention from the moment that you anchor that “I’ll be staying here for more than 10 days”

Please keep us in your duas, including when you’re at sea

Miqdad .R.