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Concept of virginity of woman in Islam.


Concept of virginity of woman in Islam. How to intercourse wife on first night of marriage and she is virgin. how to know the wife is virgin or not? What to do if she is not virgin? Please guide me with reference of Hadith an Sunnah.


​Waalaykum al-salam
Thank you for your question.

Virginity means not having experience in a particular context. And in marriage it simple means inexperience in having a physical relation.

For women, tearing of a layer called the hymen is what is normally termed as “loosing virginity”
The tearing usually occurs after first insertion and may cause mild bleeding. Women may experience pain and or discomfort. It is worth mentioning that not all women are same and may have different hymen thickening. Some may bleed immediately, some after first few attempts and others may not bleed at all!

please read the following for your second question:
​May Allah bless your marriage.