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Conceived Through Illegal Relation


Assalamualukum, I am 17 and pregnant with my male friend,who is 18 we know this is a big sin and we are praying a lot for forgiveness, we want to make things right by marrying each other to make it halal, but how do I go about telling my family,We want to marry each other and raise this baby but my parents will be against it as they have a big reputation, they wont agree to it at all,

Alaikum Salam.
With Allah’s ever embracing mercy, your repentance is accepted if you really regret your mistake and amend it. This is with the condition that you marry the boy if he is compatible for you and will be a  faithful husband for you and not just to come out of the predicament you face regarding your pregnancy.
The baby you are bearing will remain illigitimate, although you can enhance a better life for him by doing the proper Islamic upbringing inshallah.
If you can’t be brave enough to talk to your parents, ask the boy to tell his parents to propose you officially.  If the boy really cares for you, he will convince his parents as in Islam a man has the right to marry even without the permission of his parents. In this case, it is necessary for him to do so if things don’t work out between him and his parents.
You can also convince your parents at the same time and Allah is sure to help you.
If you have some close family friends or relatives, both you and the boy could involve them also to help you do the right thing and make the right decision.
In the end, don’t despair, Allah is always besides those who really want to improve their lives for His sake.
Salma Alavi.