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Company Providing service for Betting And CFD Trading



Is it permissible to work for a company that provides services to trade over-the-counter financial instruments such as CFD, Spread betting and Forex speculation?

Two examples of such companies are and These companies allow you to speculate (in effect bet) on the movement of price fluctuations (going long or short) without actually owning the underlying assets such as shares, foreign currency etc. You are given a large margin on your orders which can amplify losses beyond your original investment. The job does not involve working directly on the products but does require engaging in facilitating the building and production of the in house software. Moreover, I will be in charge of supporting and maintaining tools that help to produce the software, and will be playing a key role in shaping the future landscape on how the software is built and made available to the end user as a web portal and smart phone applications. I am a follower of Agha Sistani so would like to know if working for such company is permitted or not?

Alaykum Salaam
This question has been answered by seeking advice of Syed Fadhil Milani.
It is allowed to work for such a company as long as one is not directly involved in the betting process.
Abbas Jaffer