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How to combat fear of death (and their by fix sleeping habits)


First of all: Asalamu aleykum, sincerely hope you’re well. Simply put, I’ve been having sleeping problems lately (staying up from Isha to Fajr/only having 3 to 6 hours of sleep after fajr) because of fear of death. I know Allah is most merciful and kind, I know this is happening at a time when I’ve finally mamaged (through the will of Allah) to praying 5 times a day on time, I know shaytan is truely our enemy and that it’s best to sleep after praying Isha, but I still can’t help but feel an ominous way at night before sleeping (and especially when I’m alone some place in at home when it’s dark) I hope you could maybe give me a way of combating this? Or point out something that could help me get past this obstacle in this point of my deen… Most advice online is just to trust in Allah and that death and suffering is inevitable (which in and of itself isn’t all that helpful of an advice..) Asalamu aleykum


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.
Death is a milestone like any other. Just like how you left your mothers womb to be here, like walking, cutting teeth etc.
however, at times death is presented and discussed in such a way that it feels like to be doomed forever and loose your Existence. whereas, death is only a continuation of your real self minus the body.
To explain this, A baby in the womb needs the placenta to do all its activities and then finally when it comes to this world, the child is placed into the mothers arm and the placenta is discarded. Similarly, our body is like the placenta for the next world while the soul is the child.
Hence, we should be very positive about our forth coming milestones.
There is so much that one can do for the next world right here. It’s like getting all prepared for moving to a different country. How much you would prepare and get ready so that all is sorted before you actually got there!?!  In the same way, being God -wary really helps and it will be the very first thing we would want to make sure is properly packed for easier stay.
We should make sure that we pray the following dua often.
اللهم اجعل عواقب امورنا خیرا 
One of the greatest way to get over this fear would be to talk to Allah in plenty, ask HIM for help and also read authentic books written by scholars that explain main things like, “khauf and raja”, death, soul, Taqwa, Life etc
Also, from what you describe about not being able to sleep (the symptoms are like that of anxiety), you must make sure you are medically fit. I would suggest you run a blood test to see your vitamins and the like, and if they are all normal. Especially vitamin D3. Because lack of the later can cause a person to feel blue and suffer from anxiety or even depression.
InshaAllah You’re able to get over the needless fear and enjoy the bounty at hand.

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery