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According to Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi, he says Ayyatollah Sistani has said its Ihtiyate Wajib to keep a beard.

1) So am I allowed to clean shave?

2) If it wajib to keep one, on what circumstances am I allowed to clean shave?

3) What are the specifications to keep a beard in Islamic terminology?


You heard Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi correct,
1- It is haram to clean shave. It is ‘Ihtiyate Wajib’, that means you can ‘rujoo’ to another Marja on this mas’alah, but there is no Marja that allows to clean shave.

2- Under no circumstances. To obtain permission for a specific condition you must call the office and inquire further. (Ref: Tawzihul Masail Jame, mas’alah no 2251).

3- That when one meets another, he should be able to say that this man has a beard.