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Children and Wealth are Trial (Fitnah) should we stay away from them?


One of my friend keep referring to me a Surah which says that Children and Wealth are Trial (Fitnah). She mention these verses and point out to me that i should not be taking care of my family, i should not love my family much because they are Trial (fitnah). He is under the opinion that giving more time to family (study with children, playing with children, taking family on vacations) keep us away from ALLAH and therefore we should keep things at distance.
I am actually very confused the way he elaborates these things. I question myself that how ALLAH (who has blessed me with family) want me to keep away from my family. Can you please explain and correct me.



Al-Salam Alaykum va rahmatullah

Thank you for your question.

In the eyes of the Quran all the things in this world are Fitna, but Fitna it does not have the same meaning in Arabic and Urdu or Farsi. Fitna means exams/ trial. Everything in this world is for examining our strength and resistance in the way of Allah.

For how to deal with family and children, we all must look to our role model, our beloved Prophet Muhammad(saww). He had family that He loved and cared for in abundance. There are many Hadiths which order us to love and care for our family. However, we should prioritise our love. Their love should not stand in our way of obeying Allah and if there is a place where we have to choose between them and Allah’s order, we must follow our duties toward our creator.

Leaving or distancing from Family is a sin. And if such behaviour affects them and causes damage, we certainly need to repent and compensate for them. Our Prophet said خیرکم خیرکم لاهله best men are those who are the best for their families.

Hence, love for the family will help us get closer to Allah and not spoil our relationship with the  Almighty.

best regards!
Sayyid Madani