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Child Conceived in Mutah


Salam Alaikum, My Husband performed mutah with a Lady and impregnated her. I’m devastated but have forgiven him. But I would like to know what can be our solution to come out of this situation. My husband is regretting but nothing can be done. Can you please give us a solution which won’t affect the reputation of my husband and the lady. Is it possible to just financially support the child by being unknown to the child. Looking forward to an immediate answer if possible. Jazakallah


Waalaykum salam

For your Query I phoned the office of Sayyid Sistani and they said:

Because this is a continuation of generation, the father of the child must be known to himself and those around him. This is even more important because the child also inherits from his biological father. you must protect the lineage.

I hope this was useful.