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Changing of Taqleed from dead to living Mujtahid


I am following taqleed of Agha khoei.
Can I change my taqleed to Agha sistani.
Awaiting for an early reply.


 If a Mujtahid, who is followed by a person dies, his category will be the same as when he was alive. Based on this, if he is more learned than a living Mujtahid, the follower who has a general notion about the variation in the day to day Masae’l, must continue to remain in his taqlid. And if the living Mujtahid is more learned, then the follower must turn to him for taqlid. The term ‘taqlid’ used here implies only an intention to follow a particular Mujtahid, and does not include having acted acco rding to his fatwa.

The question still remains whether Ayatullah Sistani is more learned than Ayatullah Khoei in these days? There is no such announcement from the assembly of experts on this topic. So apparently one cannot change the taqlid. 

Kumail Rajani