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Caring for young kids and expecting


Asalaam alaekum

I pray that you are well.

I am writing to seek advice on a personal matter. We recently found out that my wife is pregnant with our fourth child. The gestation is just under 4 weeks.

Alhamdulillah we have been blessed with three children and the youngest one is 15 month who my wife is nursing. Our oldest one is 7 years old. My wife is having early morning sickness and loss of sleep is compounding in her situation. We are concerned about taking her health and taking care of our children while being pregnant. We were not expecting to have conceived in our first time after our third one and want to seek guidance to alleviate our situation.

We are unsure after researching about the Islamic ruling on abortion and seek your advice.

Jazak Allah Khair and eagerly awaiting your prompt response.



Assalamu Alaykum The reference are as follows

Naajiya Jaffery