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Can you explain two to three reasons why hinduism is not a religion of monotheistic faith



Can you explain two to three reasons why hinduism is not a religion of monotheistic faith as they say that they worship one main god brahmin but the other ones are manifestation of that one god which is why they have those other gods ? They say they make prayers to those other gods but only worhsip 1 god brahmin just like shia people make dua through ahly bayt and worhsip Allah

Thank you please explain


وعليكم السلام
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The main two issues that we have with the Hindu Doctrine, even if they say that they only worship one God i.e. Brahman and that these deities are manifestations of that one god, is that 1) These deities are independent and are worshiped separately depending on the needs of the individual. So, even though they may be manifestations of that one god, they are independent from it and they believe that these deities answer prayers independently.

The second issue is the anthropomorphic nature of them i.e. the giving them human and even animal forms and even at times very disturbing and sensual forms. Giving them a human life cycle, having children, being at war with each other etc.

This is very different from the concept of intercession we have, for firstly the Imams (as) are creations of Allah and are not a part of his essence. Secondly, when we ask from them, we know that they can only answer because Allah swt has given them that privilege i.e. they are dependent on Allah swt for their existence and in answering prayers and giving intercession.

In addition, Allah swt is worshiped directly and via the Ahlul Bayt (as), e.g. Daily prayers, fasting, hajj etc. it is rather that Allah swt will answer the supplications of a person because of the intercession of the Ahlul Bayt (as).

Insha Allah I hope this answered the question

Please keep us in your Duas

Was salams
Yassar Ebrahim