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Horseback Riding For Women


Are there any ahadith discouraging females from horseback riding?


Horse riding is a sport that has been highly appreciated and also recommended by Islam. The Holy Prophet of Islam, also took part in the same for fun and sport.
They would hold competitions and the Prophet himself would be the judge at times. Other encouraged sports are swimming and archery.
The ruling in Shia stream is similar to that of any other outdoor sport. If the conditions are met then there is no problem. Hijab must not be compromised at any cost under any circumstance.

One reason why it is discouraged is due to the biological belief that a girl might rupture her hymen due to vigorous riding and thus be deemed less than a virgin in the society. As much as this reason cannot be completely disregarded, it only poses a warning and does not forbid one.
Horse riding has lots of benefits that hold no gender bar. In fact, it can be practiced by pregnant women too who are not near term.

May Allah increase us all in knowledge.

Was salaam Ma’ dua
Syeda Azra