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can woman pray if spotting period exceeds


I have started a weird type of period recently where I am not having normal blood flow but just spotting. It has been 8 days so far and I’m not sure when it will end soon. It’s a mixture of brown thick discharge but also blood so I’m unsure how to categorise it. If this spotting period lasts for more than 15 days, do I need to do gusl/shower and pray as normal or do I need to wait until my period fully finishes and stops i.e. no more blood or discharge? Thank you in advance.


Salaamun alaykum

So if you do not have a habit of duration and time (that is you do not have a fixed date and number of days) and it seems to be so, from the time you see blood until the 10th day same time is supposed to be taken as haidh (periods), then if you are still not clean then you have to apply istihadha rules according to the type of istihadha.
Signs of haidh
**Ruling 438. Ḥayḍ cannot last for less than three days or for more than ten days; if bleeding lasts for even a little less than three days, it is not ḥayḍ.

Ruling 439. The first three days of ḥayḍ must be continuous; therefore, if, for example, a woman experiences bleeding for two days, and then the bleeding stops for one day, and then she experiences bleeding again for one day, it is not ḥayḍ.

Ruling 440. At the beginning of ḥayḍ, it is necessary for the blood to come out. However, it is not necessary for the blood to come out on all three days and it is sufficient if the blood remains inside the vagina. And in the event that during the three days a woman’s bleeding stops for a short period of time in a manner that is common among all or some women, it is still counted as ḥayḍ.

Kinds of blood seen by women

Irregular blood discharge (istiḥāḍah)

Zahra Davdani.