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Can wife ask a separate portion of house from husbands relatives or parents where she can live as she wants or is it necessary to live with his (husband



I want to ask a Hadith for a family issue, Can the wife ask a separate portion from her husband’s relatives or parents with reference to where she can live as she wants or is it necessary to live with her (husband’s) Parents, although the husband can afford to give her a separate portion in the same house. Where she can make separate meals and do all house chores etc. The husband can afford a servant easily for his parents and he is also available for his parents. Waiting for your reply.



Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question.

There is nothing wrong if a wife was to ask for a separate house or portion from her husband if he can afford it.

In some cases, it’s a wise decision to separate portions. But we should always remember that separating portions doesn’t mean that we should stop taking care of our parents, be it our husband’s parents or our wife’s parents.

Extra house help can be very helpful, especially in doing the housework but it’s the duty of the children, to take care of their old parents’ needs and give them love and attention.

May Allah guide us all,
Sukaina Taqavi