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Seeking Help In Pursuit Of Job


Dear Aalim, AOA,

In the company I work, I know that a vacancy is open and I want to apply for it. My motive is also strong. If selected I will get promoted, have better salary and can move back to my hometown. I have applied online but I want to reach directly by call or email to the line manager whom I will be reporting to that please consider me because I am suitable for the job. This way I can bypass other candidates and express my interest.

But time and time again in Qur’an Allah says not to call upon any one else other than Allah. Allah has put me in a test. Do you think I should ask the person to consider me, recommend me or insist upon reviewing my application or should I just leave the matter upon Allah after applying online for the position?

Please interpret in the light of Qur’an and Hadith. Your kind help and reply awaited.



Alaikum Salaam

There is nothing wrong with making a phone call and pursuing your application.

Trusting Allah (swt) means that whilst you are putting all your halal efforts into trying to achieve something, you are fully aware that all results are in the hands of Allah (swt). In other words, trust doesn’t
mean to stop putting efforts, rather it’s a further encouragement to put even more efforts, since through good actions and faith does Allah (swt) shower His mercy on us.


Miqdad R