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can we pray in a room where animal pictures are kept


Assalamu alaikum, I am very stressed with my doubts. Please kindly guide me. First I would like to ask about pictures and toys. I am staying with my husband and kids in my parents house with my younger siblings. Insha Allah I will be moving out soon. I know that where there is picture and dog, the angel of mercy will not enter the house. I am worried if my prayers will be answered as I have my kids toys like dolls and bears. My brother has pictures of bodybuilding athlete on the wall and he would not listen if I ask him to take it off. We have pictures on kids mattresses and highchair water bottles baby powder baby diapers milk powder. What should I do.? Must I throw away as I know we should not waste also. What about picture album or photos that we keep in wallet and cupboards.I can’t force my parents because think that pictures can’t be hung up only. How should I overcome and what about and where to pray because pictures of animals like cow is on the butter container. What should I do? Because there is only one room now and there are pictures that my brother put on wall. If I can pray in the hall I will be facing the pictures that can be seen in the room can I close the door and pray towards it? What should I do my toys donate or throw? Photo albums? Other things that contains pictures. Please help me.


Alaykum Salaam,

Thank you for your question. Don’t worry about the pictures. It is makruh to pray facing pictures of living creatures and in a room where there is a picture. The meaning of something being makruh when related to worship such as praying is that the act carries less thawab, not that the act of worship is disliked.
May you always be successful