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Can we eat the bread baked In U.K Supermarket?


Salamun Alaykum

Supermarkets in the U.K  sell bread and bakery items, such as different types of cake, doughnuts, etc which has been made and baked on premises.We are not sure the people working in bakery if they wear gloves while preparing food. I have 2 questions that if you could answer them please.
1- If they touch the food after it has been baked or cooked are we allow to eat it or not?

2-If they touch the food before being cooked and while preparing can we eat the food or not?

I follow Aga sistani as marja.
Jazakallah m



Wa alaykum  Salam

Thank you for your question

There are general rules regarding  foods cooked by non muslims.

You can find answers to both  your questions in these rules.

“A Muslim is allowed to eat any food made by a person whose faith and religion is not known to him, no matter whether that person touched it with wetness or did not touch it, provided that he does not know or is not sure that the food consists of what is forbidden to him.”

“Since the followers of the past revealed religions (that is, the Jews, the Christians and the Zoroastrians) are ritually pure, many of the problems concerning the status and permissibility of the food are resolved when we live in their midst. It becomes permissible for us as Muslims to eat from their food no matter whether they touched it with their wet hands or not as long as we do not know or are not sure that it consists of what is forbidden to us, like intoxicating drinks. As for meat, fat and their extracts, they are Haram and cannot be used unless one is sure that they are Halal.”

For more information check this link :

Sukaina Taqavi