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Can Syed Girl Marry Non Syed guy


Assalamoalaikum , My name is Danish and I am from Pakistan. A muslim from Shaikh Caste. I like a girl who is a syed. We both want to get married. Her father is of strict opinion that syed girls can not marry non syed boys. Can you please help me in this regard as how to convince her father with proper Quran references and examples from the past of Syed girls marrying Non syed guys. I comprehend that I will have to take extra care of syed girl give her all the love and care and God Willing i am fully willing to do that and provide her with all the luxury and comfort along with love, compassion and a relation thats closer to God. inshAllah

Looking for your help.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

yes, a Non sayyid man can certainly marry a Sayyidah.

According to Islamic laws Ayatullah Sistani says:

Question: Can a Sayyid girl marry a non-Sayyid man?

Answer: It is permissible and there is no objection to it.
hope this was useful