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can skip fast to use all energy to study


I am a student and I am preparing for my entry test to enter into medical university. As the entry test is really difficult, I am fasting and concentrating all my energy during the fast to study. I am unable to do more Ibadah as during the day I am tired and whatever time and energy I find I study. and During the night, after iftari , I find it a great time to study. As I am just fasting in the month of Ramadan and not spending extra time on getting close to Allah, I feel guilty. Can I skip the fasts and use all my energy to study and getting close to Allah and make up for the skipped rozas after my exams?


Assalamu Alaykum

Ibadah does not only mean to sit on you prayer mat and indulge into praying and making dua. Rather Ibadah has a vast and greater meaning. All that you do to seek the Pleasure of Allah is nothing but Ibadah let alone that this situation is finding you in the Holy Month of Ramadhan where even your sleeping and breathing is counted as Ibadah.

seeking knowledge is one of the greatest Ibadah a Human can indulge himeself into.It is so lofty in poisiton that it is mentioned in numerous Narrations, that the best thing a soul can do on the powerful NIght of Qadr is to seek knowlege!

so you my Brother are doing nothing but Ibadah thoughout your time. whether studying or sleeping in this Holy Month.

do keep us in your Duas.

Sayyid Shabbar