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Marrying a Sunni


Assalamu alaikum i am a shia girl. By profession i am a teacher. I was in a relationship with an sunni boy. Now we have done tawba from that relationship but we want to marry each other, but our families are not ready. I know he loves me. What should i do?? Should i marry him by going against my parents? He loves me so much. Please show me the way. I also love him so much and want to marry him.


Alaykum Salaam

There is no essential problem in marrying a Sunni man so long as he does not harbour ill feeling towards the Ahlul Bayt (A).

However, the caution is to realise that raising the children in Shia tradition may be harder.

If you have not been married before then the permission of you father is necessary.

In any case, you both should try hard seek the readiness of your parents before proceeding with this important step.

Iltemase dua

Abbas Jaffer