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Can send explicit pictures to person I want to marry


I am in a very frustrated situation. So me and the person whom I really want to marry don’t want to partake in any haram touching whatsoever he’s also completely stopped watching any form of explicit videos ever since we became committed to each other. The problem is he is in major pain and is always erect because he has completely stopped ejaculating for months now. Everyday it gets harder for him and he can’t even do important tasks such as study (we are both medical students) or sit with family for too long because of a constant erection. It’s majorly effected his mental health as well because he’s always uncomfortable and never at peace with his body. He refuses to watch anything explicit and he only wants to see me that way but never pressurizes me to expose myself to him whatsoever because he knows I don’t do that. Can I send him explicit pictures of myself to relieve his pain with the intent that we both want to marry each other and Inshallah will get married


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

So according to Islamic laws, if you are not Mahram to one another you cannot do that. It is haram.

Also, internet is not the safest place to share such images. No one guarantees their safety.
This closeness between a husband and wife is quiet holy in Islam and it needs to be preserved that way InshaAllah .

Your solution will be to be Mahram (with the consent of your parents) and enjoy one another InshaAllah.

Kind regards
Naajiya Jaffery