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Zakat al- Fitr and Fidya



1) I have not been able to fast for the past 5 years. I have never paid the Fidya before. I have heard some years ago that one need to pay it, but I have not paid anything until today. My question is, what is the ruling for me? Can I pay the Fidya altogether for the past years now? And how do I know the amount I should pay (per fast). I live in Sweden.

2) Also I need to know about the Zakat al-fitr. I am Baligh and have a job, but still live with my parents. Every year, my father pays the Zakat al-fitr for the whole family. But since I am Baligh and have an income, Is this sufficient? Or do I need to pay Zakaat al-fitr myself? Thank you in advance.


1. For details, read:

Zakat Al Fitra and Kaffarah

For payments: World Federation Website

2. If you have an income, its an obligation on you. However, if your parents pay on behalf of you, that is sufficient.

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