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Can my baby have Nutramigen LGG which has pork enzyme in it as my son has cow milk protein allergy and soy allergy.


Assalamo alikum.. I am mother of (6 months old).. my son has cow milk protein allergy and soy allergy so he was put on special formula.. Neocate LCP .it became short so we had to shift him on another one recommended by doctors Nutramigen LGG but an enzyme of pork is used in its it permissible for me to use as i tried to leave formula and just give him breastmilk and he got severely dehydrated because my production is very low..kindly guide.. Thank you


Waalykum salam sister
Thank you for your question

A child at that age usually starts solids and can have a lot of other liquids to substitute his dehydration. While at the same time you keep up the Breast milk supply.
You may want to consult the specialist for another option.

Hope this helps