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can make dua to allah for marriage


As salamu alaikum.I am an unmarried young guy. I have never been in a relationship and don’t want to fall in a haram relationship. I want to get a wife in a halal way. I have a question which can be seem kind of rude, but I really have no other intention. It is just my wish and dream and I want to know if this is alright. I want to marry a certain type of girl (White Girl) with good characters. So my n is,can I make dua to Allah so that He may give me that type of girl to marry? Is it wrong to want only a white girl for marriage?


Alaikum Salam Brother.

Spouse selection has a basic and fundamental role in the success and prosperity or misery and misfortune in ones life. The main criteria that is advised to look for in your spouse are piety and Good moral character.
Its not wrong for you to wish for certain physical traits in selecting your spouse and although attraction is important, but often times, it’s the personality and the companionship that builds the attraction over time.
You can make all the dua you want and Allah is the best listener and the All Merciful. Its not wrong to wish anything lawful from Allah so if its meant for your goodness, inshAllah your prayer will be granted.

Salma Alavi.