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can keep oath fast on friday


Following the sunnah of prophet Muhammad(PBUH) I also use to keep fast on my birth day every weeek just like prophet (PBUH) use to keep on Monday. But as the birth day is Friday one of my friend told me that friday is just like Eid for muslim and it is haram to keep fast on Eid. So my question is that, can I keep fast on friday ? In case I can’t , what should I do if I had swear of Allah that will keep fast on my day of birth every week?


Salaam Alaykum,

Ayatollah Sistani’s Office: It is not haram on fast on friday; infact you gain rewards to do so. And as you have taken an oath, you must fast every friday unless there comes a friday which is either Eid-e-Fitr or Eid-e-Qurban, It is HARAM to fast that day.

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