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Can I work for my friend after office hours, will this money be hallal for me?


I am working in one company I have knowledge of digital marketing . My colleague wants  me to work for him after office hours can I work for him?? .because he is working in real estate as an agent and I am doing marketing, as I have knowledge of marketing,  he said after office hours you can work for me personally .is this  work  halal for me  he told me He would pay .so can you advice ,if it will be halal for me.



Salamun Alaykum

I appreciate that you are working hard to get the Halal income.

If you work after office hours and the management and office rules have no problem with it, then you can work for someone else and get the money. But if the management and office rules do not allow anyone to work and use their office and things like electricity, computer etc, then this would be problematic and one will not be allowed to work in this scenario.

May Allah swt increase your Halal rizq.


Syed Haider