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Can I take zakat money, as i am running out of money in an foreign country.


Sallam sir I am on a visit visa in Dubai. Still haven’t found work. I’ve run out of money. My friend is spending money on me as soon as I get a job, I’ll give him all the money back. Borrowed a Visa. I have 3 sons and a wife in Pakistan. Also i have no money in my home.
Can I take Zakat?


Salam alaykum,
Thank you for your question. According to Shia jurisprudents, like Ayatullah al-Adhma Sistani, zakat may be spent on variouc things, two of which are: a poor person who does not possess actual or potential means to meet his own expense as well as that of his family for a period of one year and a stranded traveller (unless he has some skill or capital or propert to meet his expenses). Your description of your situation seems to convey the idea that you fit into both of these categories. Of course, you know your situation best. Do you have some property you can sell to meet your needs? Do you have some skill or capital. If so you wouldn’t be qualified to receive zakat? Thank you once again for your question. Hope the answer helped.

Shiraz Agha