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Can I take my wife back?


As-salamu alaykum, I ‘divorced’ my wife a couple of months ago because my family had found out she was married before. The previous marriage was infact a forced marriage to which she did not consent to but was threatened to be chucked out of the the family home if she was to deny so she had no choice. My family refused to accept it and pushed me to divorce her. I was pressured into it and i am now regretting it. I did the divorce out of respect and izzat for my family even though i wasn’t really happy in doing so myself. The actual divorce was not done by saying the words ‘talaq’ three times. It was a typed letter by me which stated that i had released her from the marriage to which she signed. The letter also stated that i would be saying ‘talaq’ three times but i did not say it. There were also no witnesses to this. It was just me and her in my car. Can i take my wife back within the Iddat period? Or is the divorce invalid in the first place? Or am i too late? Jazakallah.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your question

If she was divorced from her first marriage then your marriage is in order because For a divorce to be correct, it has to have the following conditions:
1- You have to have two believing adults as your witness
2- The woman has to be clean of her menstrual period and also shouldn’t be pregnant
3- Proper Arabic words need to be uttered for the act to take place.

N. S. Jaffery