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Can I skip my prayers and offer the qadha of it later


Asalamu alaikum.
I am working in a company where we have more males and my manager does not allow me to pray but I managed in my break time to offer them so the thing is the place where I am offering prayer there are many males there.  So is it ok to prayer infront of them or skip and pray the qazah later on.
Thank you.


Salam alaikum

Good to see you are concerned with your legal obligation.

In your circumstances too, namaz cannot be offered as qadha, therefore,  you have to pray in front of other males.

If its bothering you, you may settle for wajib parts of namaz and leave the rest supplications or conversation with Almighty Allah at any other suitable time.

Hope this solve your problem.


Syed Asad Jamal Zaidi